As with our decorating services, we prefer to take a comprehensive, customized approach to remodeling and find that it best serves our clients, whether we are remodeling one room in their home or their home in its entirety.

Here are the steps we normally take:

  1. We set-up an initial meeting to take a walk-through of your home and to take photos and measurements and gain a thorough understanding of your goals and requirements. This is not a consultation per se, but an opportunity for both parties to get to know each other.
  2. We then follow-up with an 8-page questionnaire for you to fill out, to ensure that we create a one-of-a-kind design that is uniquely you.
  3. A budget is then established for each room (this figure is dictated by you and we always make any reasonable budget work).
  4. We then put together a material board for each room, which includes cabinet, tile, countertop, backsplash, paint samples, etc.—whatever materials are required in order to update the space.
  5. Some of our clients also ask us to create two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional drawings of our designs.
  6. The next step is an in person presentation of our design plans.
  7. Followed by any necessary revisions to the plans.
  8. Once all of the final selections have been made, we then place all of the orders.
  9. Once all of the orders have been received, we then put together a project timeline (we prefer to start the demo when all materials are onsite in order to minimize the inconvenience to our clients).
  10. And once the remodeling is complete, we present the finished rooms to you!

We also bring to our projects an outstanding team of tradespeople to assist with executing our remodeling plans from start to finish. We honestly have the best team of tradespeople in South Florida!

And we only charge the same flat rate to design and manage your remodeling project that general contractors do for just the project management, so our material selection services are actually free!