Given that interior design is such a personal service, here at Inspired Interiors by Wendi, we prefer to take a comprehensive, customized approach to decorating and find that it best serves our clients, whether working together on a full-service solution, by the room, or on an hourly basis.

Here are the steps we normally take:

  1. We set-up an initial meeting to take a walk-through of your home and to take photos and measurements and gain a thorough understanding of your goals and requirements. This is not a consultation per se, but an opportunity for both parties to get to know each other.
  2. We then follow-up with an 8-page questionnaire for you to fill out, to ensure that we create a one-of-a-kind design that is uniquely you.
  3. We then determine which existing pieces of furniture, art, accessories, personal collections, mementos and photos, etc. will work with the new design.
  4. A budget is then established for each room (this figure is dictated by you and we always make any reasonable budget work).
  5. We then put together a design plan for each room, which includes a mood board featuring paint colors, fabrics, furnishings, art, lighting, window treatments, etc.—whatever you need to complement the things you already own—plus photos of your existing items that will be incorporated into the new design.
  6. Some of our clients also ask us to create two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional drawings of our designs.
  7. The next step is an in person presentation of our design plans (or we can send them to you electronically, if that is preferable).
  8. Followed by any necessary revisions to the plans.
  9. Each of the plans also include a shopping list so you can then place the orders yourself, or we can place them and even accept delivery of them for you.
  10. The final step in the process is shopping for and installing the accessories.
  11. And then we present the finished room to you!
Design Board

The Finished Room

Please note that some of our clients prefer to have us complete steps 1 – 8 above and then they manage the installation themselves as their schedule and budget allow.