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Wendi S. Mannix, ASID


What I Do: Interior and Outdoor Decorating & Interior Remodeling

I truly believe that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful, comfortable, one-of-a-kind residence that is affordably designed around what inspires them. Whether you are decorating one room or remodeling your entire home, I am here to help you realize your vision by listening, by asking questions, by offering advice and then by putting together comprehensive and uniquely curated design plans especially for you.

This is a very collaborative process!

By working with me, I will save you time (no more lost weekends shopping for that perfect item!) and money. Unlike many other firms, I do pass along my discounts on furnishings, materials and labor 100% to my clients to ensure their budgets are maximized and oftentimes compensating for most or even all of my fees!

Please refer to my Trade Discounts section for more details.

Wendi Mannix - Inspired Interiors by Wendi

What I Do: Support Local Artists

I am so fortunate that part of what I do as an interior designer is to select beautiful works of art for my clients! And in doing so, I am also able to support the work of some incredible, local artists!

Please refer to the Fine Art Gallery section for more details on What They Do and Who They Are.

Who I Am

An Interior Designer

My lifelong passion for design started at a very young age, when I used to go shopping at Pier 1 with my Mom. I was absolutely fascinated by all of the beautiful and unique items they had on display from all over the world and used to go home and draw floor plans of imaginary rooms and envision how the furniture and accessories I had just seen would be arranged in these spaces.

Over time, my passion grew into what is now a full-service design build firm that has designed and remodeled numerous residential interiors throughout South Florida.

My childhood in Maine has also influenced my current design aesthetic as I grew up surrounded by 3,500 miles of coastline and national and state parks, so I have always been inspired by the sights, sounds, colors and textures of the ocean, its sea life and nature in general, which is reflected in my clean, contemporary and nature inspired designs today.

I am also proud to be a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), which is an organization that advances the interior design profession and communicates the impact of design on the human experience.


Wendi Mannix
Wendi Mannix
The Language of the Muses

An Art Historian and Collector

While an undergraduate at Wellesley College, I also fell in love with art and the history of art, which was a fascinating medium through which I learned about the history of the world itself.

I also had the incredible opportunity to work on my art history thesis with Professor Miranda Marvin, Ph.D., Harvard University, who, as fortune would have it, was also working on the culmination of her life’s work by writing The Language of the Muses: The Dialogue Between Roman and Greek Sculpture at the time. In addition to being my thesis advisor, she also gave me the honor of being her research assistant, which led to the discovery of a significant new theory in the field of classical architecture and she graciously cited my original research in her book which was later published by the J. Paul Getty Museum.

The art collecting became a passion later in my life and I also started a fine art gallery in order to support local artists and give my clients exclusive access to the carefully curated collections of their work I put together.

An Ocean Conservationist

Having spent my childhood in Maine and my adulthood in Florida, I have spent my entire life in close proximity to the ocean and proudly support the following non-profit organizations who are working tirelessly to rid them of plastic, protect our coral reefs and educate the world about the dire condition of our oceans and their current and long term effects on human life.